M/Y White Pearl.

Our Most Luxurious Vessel. Launching 4th Quarter 2021.


You live the dream.
We’ll take care of it.

Pearl Fleet aims to provide guests with premium comfort and service, while keeping safety as our top priority onboard Pearl Fleet. Cruise in style, and experience the wonders of the Coral Triangle has to offer.

Vessel Features

M/V White Pearl features a state-of-the-art exterior design, showcasing an intricate design on the interior, paying tremendous attention to its furniture and fittings to allow our guests to maximum comfort onboard. Launching 3rd Quarter of 2021, taking you on cruises through Indonesia.

Spacious Deck Designs

M/V White Pearl has been designed to provide spacious and elegant, yet comfortable common areas to our guests. Excellent headroom and sleek indoor and exterior designs calls for perfect gatherings in various areas of the vessel when guests are cruising.

Indoor Entertainment Centres

Equipped with an indoor entertainment centre – complete with HD televisions, sound systems, game consoles, gym equipment and comfortable lounge areas – guests will find themselves a sophisticated set up to enjoy while cruising out in the ocean with Pearl Fleet.

Indoor Dining Areas

The dining options onboard a vessel have significantly evolved throughout the years. Choose from a wide array of food, be entertained by experienced hosts and our dedicated barmen onboard M/V White Pearl. Large and comfortable dining areas are perfect for winding down after an entire day of activities.

Comfortable Rooms

M/V White Pearl’s rooms have been designed and fitted to provide you with the utmost comfort when retiring for the day. Every room has its own private bathroom, keyless entry, safety deposit boxes, quality linen and towels. It is our commitment to create a home-away-from-home for all our guests onboard.

Panoramic Ocean Views

Move up to the sundeck to enjoy panoramic views of the ocean while we cruise through Indonesian waters. M/V White Pearl’s contemporary design offers a luxurious waterfront space to enjoy, whether it is at sunset or at a midday siesta.