Frequently Asked Questions

The following are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions with regards to your next diving adventure onboard M/Y Black Pearl Explorer, Palau. Should you have any questions that are not listed here, do feel free to email us at Our team would be more than happy to assist you.


What weather should I expect in Palau?

Palau is a tropical destination, which enjoys a steady warm climate all year round. Air temperature can range from 24 degrees Celsius to 32 degrees Celsius. Dry season in Palau run from November to April, and July to October are deemed as wetter months. However, typhoons with straight days of rain, are rare due to Palau’s location near to the Equator.

What are the currencies and cards are accepted in Palau?

The currency used in Palau is United States Dollar. Major credit cards, such as Visa and Mastercard, are accepted in all major hotels, restaurants and shops, as well as in the airport.

When is the peak season for tourism in Palau?

The peak season when Palau has seen the most number of tourist arrivals are from December to January.

What are the languages spoken in Palau?

Palau has two main languages: Palauan and English. As a tourist, there will be no problems communicating in English.


What are the visa requirements to enter Palau?

Visa: As tourists in Palau, citizens from most countries are issued a free 30-day visa on arrival. In order to obtain a visa on arrival, visitors are required to hold a proof of being fully vaccinated against COVID _19.

Passport: Please ensure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months from the date you intend to leave Palau. Your passport must also be in good condition, with at least 3 blank pages.

Visitors are required to verify their relevant embassies to check if a visa is required prior to leaving their country of travel origin.

Are group discounts available?

Yes, group discounts are available, depending on total group size. For more details, you may contact our Bookings & Reservations Team at


How are check-in and check-out organised?

All the instructions regarding your arrival on the check-in day will be provided a few days before your arrival in Palau. Embarkation on M/Y Black Pearl Explorer will be organized starting 3:00PM (local time) on the first day of the cruise. Guests are advised to strictly note the information that will be provided regarding the meeting point and exact time for pick-up.

The usual meeting points are organized as follows: 

Airport: Guests arriving at the required airport on the check-in day can be picked up by a representative holding a sign of M/Y BLACK PEARL EXPLORER. The meeting point is usually at the main exit, immediately after luggage collection. However, this may be subject to additional charges and should be confirmed at least a day in advance.

Hotel or Resort: Guests who are coming from a hotel in the city can be picked up by a representative of M/Y Black Pearl Explorer. The meeting is usually in the main lobby or at the reception of the hotel. 

On the last day of the cruise, guests will be transferred to the airport at least 2 hours before the time of departure of their flights. Check-out and disembarkation will be organized from 7:00AM to 09:00AM (local time) on the last day. Guests who have extended their stay in Palau, and who are headed to a hotel, may request a transfer to their respective hotels, subject to additional charges. 

What do I need to pack before leaving my country of travel origin?

Administration and Paperwork
Passport, dive certification cards, log books, dive insurance card or confirmation slip, medical clearance from your physician (if any).

Special Personal Items
Personal medication, ear drops, reef-friendly sunscreen, hats, sun glasses, phone and camera chargers, memory sticks or SD cards, cash for tips and extra costs (USD or EUR).

Dive Gear
BCD, regulator, fins/booties, mask, snorkel, wetsuit, dive computer, torch with batteries, SMB, hood, reef hook. Please note that dive computers and SMBs are compulsory for every individual diver. 

Good to Know:
Any piece of equipment listed above is available for rent onboard. It would be necessary to let us know in advance, should you need to rent items from the yacht. Rental gear is subject to availability. Rental gear is also subject to extra costs. Please refer to our detailed Price List here.

What is included in the cruise fare?

– Full-board accommodation.

– 3 meals a day, including light snacks available before the first dive of the day, and afternoon snacks.

– Hot beverages and biscuits.

– Towels, bathroom toiletries and daily cabin services/housekeeping.

– Dive guide, tank, weight and weight belt.

– Nitrox tanks for Enriched Air Nitrox certified divers.

– Up to 4 activities a day (dive schedules may vary depending on the location and the itinerary of the boat).

– Water activities available onboard on request.

What are the extra fees payable onboard?

– Special drinks such as cocktails, beers and other alcohol (wine and spirits).

– Sodas and juices in cans.

– Rental dive gear, 15L tanks.

Please refer to our detailed Price List here.


Guest must also note that the Marine Fee and Port Tax for Palau (UD250) and fuel surcharge is payable in Cash, onboard M/Y Black Pearl Explorer.

I have special dietary requirements. Will this be a problem?

Pearl Fleet is committed to doing the best to ensure that our guests’ cruise experience is hassle-free. Should you have special dietary requirements or allergies, please ensure that this is communicated upon booking confirmation. Our Chefs onboard will be more than happy to adapt to your special requirements accordingly.

What payment methods are available onboard?

Guests will receive a final invoice listing their extra costs on the final night before disembarkation. Invoices are payable:

By Cash:
We accept American Dollars (USD) and Euros (EUR).

Via PayPal:
PayPal Service is also available.

What type of electrical sockets are available onboard?

International sockets that can fit any type of electric plug are available onboard. Voltage is 220V.

The camera station also provides a variety of sockets and USB ports that should cater to your batteries and charging systems.

Will there be phone and internet signal during the cruise?

There may be limited or no access to mobile networks once the yacht sails into a remote area or open sea. However, M/Y Black Pearl Explorer offers SIM card services for you to purchase and use during the cruise.

How much should I pay for crew gratuities?

The team at Pearl Fleet works hard to ensure your maximum comfort and enjoyment during the cruise. It is a common practice to offer a small gratuity at the end of your trip. As a guide, it is customary to offer gratuities of starting from USD200 or about 10% of the cost of your cruise, for a week-long cruise. All the gratuities collected will be equally shared among the crew. Gratuities can must be paid in Cash.


Do I need diving insurance?

The price of the cruise does not include any type of insurance coverage. However, diving insurance is compulsory for all divers diving from M/Y Black Pearl Explorer. Your travel insurance may cover diving activities and related incidents. It is the your responsibility to check if you are duly covered and under necessary coverage (maximum depth, recompression chamber fees, etc.) for you cruise with us. Please bring your diving insurance card or confirmation details with you onboard.

Guests may also purchase short-term diving insurance onboard to cover the duration of the cruise. This additional service is chargeable. Please refer to our detailed Price List here.

Are there any dives on check-in day?

Most guests will arrive in Palau after a long journey or flight from their country of travel origin. On M/Y Black Pearl Explorer, the check-in day is dedicated to welcoming all guests and making them comfortable onboard in order to kickstart a memorable cruise. Thus, no diving activities are organised on the first day.

What is the required diving experience level to dive on M/Y Black Pearl Explorer?

We require all divers to have a minimum 50 logged dives, with a minimum certification level of Advanced Open Water.

If you have less than the above minimum requirements stated above, we can arrange for private dive guide for you, if request is made a minimum of one month before departure. This extra service is at additional cost and subject to availability.

Pearl Fleet recommends a skills review if guests with a limited number of logged dives have not been diving for more than 6 months. The skills review should be completed prior to arrival. Evidence of the date of your last dive should be shown in your log book and indicated at the time of the booking. Every diver, regardless of their qualification or experience, will be required to participate in a check-dive.

Cruise directors may ask you to skip a dive if your ability do not fit with the dive conditions. Full moon trip have some dives such as the spawning of the Red snapper that require a certain experience.

Do you provide 15-L diving tanks?

Yes, 15L tanks are available on a first-come-first-serve basis. They can also be pre-booked. They are subject to extra cost, payable onboard. Please refer to our detailed Price List here.

Do you provide Nitrox-filled diving tanks?

Yes, Enriched Air Nitrox is available onboard. Nitrox is available free-of-charge for Enriched Air Nitrox certified divers. Nitrox course is also available onboard.

What type of valves are on the tank?

All our tanks are universal, fitting DIN and Yoke regulators.

Are there any activities for non-divers?

Non-divers are welcome onboard M/Y Black Pearl Explorer! They can enjoy the facilities onboard such as the fitness area, game room or just spend time relaxing on our beautiful sundeck.

Non-divers can snorkel when the area around the dive site is suitable. We can arrange a snorkel guide if the request is made a minimum of one month before departure, subject to additional charges.

Is there a camera station onboard?

Yes, M/Y Black Pearl Explorer is equipped with a camera station with a decent space and a variety of plugs and USB ports that should be useful to any underwater photographer or videographer. We also provide various rinsing tanks next to the diving preparation area.

When is the last dive of the cruise?

On the day before departure, we plan for 2 dives in the morning. Finishing around 12 noon. This gives you the whole afternoon to dry your equipment.