A tropical paradise located in the Indian ocean. Each island is rimmed with stunningly white sand beaches that descend into vibrant blue waters. The Indian Ocean currents sweep through the atoll leaving behind nutrients to be caught by colorful and bustling reefs. There is a wide variety of topography to choose from that will please all divers. Slopping reefs with a nice and easy drift, Pinnacles, swim-throughs, channels, walls, and much more. With the pushing and pulling of the nutrient-rich currents that run through the islands come pelagic giants. Manta Rays, Whale sharks, and giant sea turtles come to these islands to be cleaned and feed on the plankton that gets trapped in the island’s lagoons.

The diving in the Maldives is year-round, there is not a bad time to come. Each season has a highlight. The Best time of year to come to see manta rays and whale sharks is August- November. January – April is known for its crystal-clear visibility and dry warm weather.

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