This unique itinerary is an opportunity to combine in one single trip two of the most famous places for scuba diving. Lembeh, for its unique critters and Raja Ampat, known as the most biodiversified underwater place on earth. This diving liveaboard adventure will cruise along the remote islands of the Halmahera sea, which are only reachable by liveaboards. It is a diving experience out of the crowd! Divers and nature lovers will appreciate the diversity of diving and species encountered during the trip. Critters, Pelagic, schooling fish, soft corals and hard corals are among the beauty of this trip.

Cruise Highlights

World class diving: Combine two of the most incredible diving places in the world. Raja Ampat and Lembeh and explore Halmahera

Cruise along remote islands : Enjoy some incredible sunset and sunrise while cruising along the Halmahera sea and its remote islands accessible only by boat.

Dive sites accessible only by liveaboard : Dive some magic dive sites only reachable by diving liveaboard.

Halmahera cruising map

Diving Areas

Weather, sea conditions and length of trip may affect the itinerary and dive sites selection. 


Recognized as a paradise for macro lovers, Lembeh is one of the most famous places for critters lovers and macro photographers. The marine life in Lembeh is unique. Mimic Octopus, Wonderpus, pygmy seahorses, a diversity of nudibranchs, and rhinopias are among the diversity of Lembeh. It will be a fantastic starting or ending point in your vacation.


Our vessel will spend a few days in this area located between Sulawesi and West Papua. A diving liveaboard in Halmahera offers the possibility to dive so many islands that it could be difficult to dive all of them in one or two expeditions. M/Y White Pearl will sail along the most famous dive sites of the area such as Doroobi, Bacan and Goraici. Diving in Halmahera can fit all kinds of expectations. 

The Patientie strait may encounter some currents and all the marine life that divers can expect in these conditions.  Macro lovers will love some calm dive sites in Bacam where critters will be the highlights of the dive. Coral lovers and diversity lovers will enjoy the Goraichi islands where a few dives will be done.


Located between Lembeh and Halmahera, Pulau Tifore is famous for its beautiful reef covered by corals with a large school of barracudas living around.


Balbulob / Farondi: Situated on the East side of Misool, this area is made up of several islands. Each island is worth exploring. Farondi has stunning corals and an incredible diversity in terms of diving style and wildlife. Cavern, drift, wall, or shallow dive fits all expectations. Macro lovers, coral lovers, diversity lovers, fish lovers have been attracted to this sites for a long time.

Most famous dive sites: Goa Farondi, Three Rocks, Love potion

Wayilbatan/ Fiabacet/ Boo: The boat will spend a few days in this area. Preserved by the Misool Foundation as a no-fish area, this beautiful diving area has been constantly blooming. The impressive quantity of fish is a paradise for divers. On top of that, hard and sea fans complete the heavenly backdrop. Magic Mountain has welcomed some extraordinary footage for Blue Planet. Mantas and  Mobula rays are often encountered in this dive site. 

Most famous dive sites: Magic Mountain, Boo Windows, Nudi Rock, 4 Kings, Barracuda

Daram: Candy Store, a dive site in this area, leaves divers feeling like kids entering a candy store once they descend into this dive site. This dive site has a unique topography, finished off with the bright colors formed by the mix of its healthy corals and fish life. Divers will dive Black Rock, another unique and special dive site. Small rocks make up an impressive hard coral garden where Divers sometimes encounter Mobula Rays in the area. Barracudas, Humphead Parrotfish, schooling spade fish or Wobbegong sharks are some of the residents in this site. Macro lovers will try to spot the tiny Pygmy seahorse.

Other areas like Pele might be explored based on the schedule and numbers of days. Kaleidoscopes certainly shelter one of the most incredible sea fan gardens where some mantas come for some cleaning.


Pulau Pisang lays on the west side of Misool and is only reachable by a diving liveaboard going to Halmahera. This place is so remote that you will dive with nobody else. Divers will encounter some schooling fish of barracudas or dogtooth tunas patrolling the sloping reef. The remoteness of the place has preserved a beautiful reef covered with soft and hard corals.

Other Information

Sorong (SOQ): Direct flights from Jakarta (CGK) or Manado (MDC). Transit flights from Bali.

Manado(MDC): Direct flights from Singapore (SIN) or Jakarta (CGK).

1,700 species of fish and 75% of the coral species (as no other place in the world)

Reef sharks, Oceanic Mantas, Reef Mantas, Eagle Ray, Mobulas, Wobbegong shark, 

Mimic Octopus, Nudibranch, Frogfish, Ghost pipefish and some incredible critters

Schooling fishes such as Barracudas, Sweetlips, Jack

Like the other parts of Indonesia, this part is affected by two monsoons.

Halmahera: December to May

Water Temperature: 27 to 30 degrees Celsius

Air Temperature: 25 to 32 degrees Celsius

Current: Gentle to Strong

Visibility: 15 to 40 meters

Experience Level: Beginner to Advanced

Experience Recommended: 20+ Logged Dives


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