A diving liveaboard in Alor and East of Flores is now accessible to offer guests an incredible, breathtaking liveaboard adventure. The population of Alor preserved its reef for centuries and continues to take pride in its environment and home. Cruise between islands and mystical submerged volcanoes. This hidden jewel promises the best choice for an unforgettable experience in the Heart of the Coral Triangle
The Alor and East of Flores route provides world-class diving over colorful and blooming corals, passing by schooling fish patrolling all around. It is also home to the most wonderful critters.

Cruise Highlights

Amazing Dive Sites: Macro and pelagic sightings, wall diving, drift dive, soft and hard corals. This cruise is suitable for all kinds of experiences. The cruise directors will plan the best dive sites following the experience of the divers and the weather conditions.

Unforgettable Cruising Experience: Cruise along a stunning landscape made of remote volcanoes and lush jungle, out of the crowd. Dolphins or whales may be spotted during the cruise as well.

Meet Ancestral Communities: Get personal with  the Abui tribe, an indigenous ethnic community living in Alor. Visit the tribe’s Takpala Village, where ancestral traditions are preserved. 

Lego-Lego Dance: Watch  a traditional dance performed by the local people in Takpala Village. This circular dance in traditional clothing would be one of the highlights of the cruise. Some souvenirs can be purchased as a memento of this beautiful destination. 

Komba Volcano: Diving Komba or watching its lava activity in the night is definitely a must-do, once-in-a-lifetime experience. This giant volcano located in the Flores Sea used to erupt every 20 minutes. What a show! However, though its volcanic activity is much lesser, sea conditions will be checked before cruising there.


Diving Areas

Weather, sea conditions and length of trip may affect the itinerary and dive sites selection.

Pantar Island

On the West side of Alor, the guests will dive the big island of Pantar. On the North-East side, several drift dives offer a variety of colors and an incredible number of fish. Divers can encounter healthy hard corals and a variety of schooling fish.

On the South side, Pantar shelters a calm bay where the macro lovers will discover amazing creatures such as Frogfish, Rhinopias, Ghost Pipefish or the rare Wunderpus.

Famous Dive Sites: Pant Wall, Tanjung Kanang, Beang, Champagne


Pura/Reta Island

Situated between the Island of Pantar and Alor, these two islands are located the middle of the channel. This place shleters the most famous dive sites of Alor. The cruise will dedicate several days to let the divers appreciate the spirit of Alor. Anemone City is a dive site with thousands of anemones to endlessly drift along. The guests may have the chance to see the local people diving and fishing with traditional wooden goggles while you are scuba diving.

Famous Dive Sites: Babylon, Boardroom, The Cave, Shark Galore, Anemone City

Kalabahi Bay

On the West of Alor, Mother Nature created an impressive bay where the yacht will spend some nights. This bay is an incredible place for day and night dives. Several muck dive sites are home to the most incredible critters to spot. The area will enchant you with its diversity. Some divers can spot many varieties of nudibranchs and a lot of species (Mimic Octopus, Rhinopias, Frogfish).

Famous Dive Sitess: Mucky Mosk, Pertamina Jetty

Kawulan Island

This big island on the West side of Pantar offers different options and incredible scenery during the cruise. Leba Leba Bay is a great place for easy diving to spot some Bobtail Squid, Frogfish and varieties of Nudibranchs.

Two majestic volcanoes surround the bay where the yacht will spend a full day facing an amazing view. The guests can experiences several types of diving. Soft and Wire Corals covers walls where the divers will dive to probably encounter several Barracudas. The divers will encounter several Schooling Fish on one of the pinnacle.

Adonara Island

Serbete is a small island close to Adonara Island on the East of Flores. This place is accessible only by a diving liveaboard from Alor and Maumere. Dive the wall of beautiful Soft Corals and Sponges, spot different Critters or just drift along this magnificent underwater masterpiece.

Komba Volcano

In addition to Alor, this site is another highlight of the cruise. This volcano has several dive sites to experience multiple times. Schooling Fish and the beautiful wall of huge Sponges are part of the diversity you will find here. This place is a must to do during a diving liveaboard cruise to or from Alor.

Maumere Bay

It is nature’s wonder to see how the coral life revived since the last earthquake in the 90’s. The divers can see some of the effects of the earthquake during the dives. Pulau Babi will offer a beautiful dive with nice corals and a diversity of fish.

Other Information

Embarkation and Disembarkation from Maumere (MOF): Direct flights from Bali (DPS) or from Jakarta (CGK).

What can I see in Alor?

Eagle Rays, Thresher Sharks, Reef Sharks, Hammerhead Sharks

Rhinopias, Stargazers, Pygmy Seahorses, Zebra Crabs

Huge Barrel Sponges

Schooling Fish

Best season to dive in Alor

April to November: The weather is usually dryer during this time of the year.

Useful information

Water Temperature: 22 to 27 degrees Celsius – cold temperatures can be encountered in the South for 1 to 2 days during the cruise. A 5-mm wetsuit is recommended for dives on these days.

Air Temperature: 25 to 32 degrees Celsius

Currents: Gentle to Strong

Visibility: 20 to 35 meters

Experience Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Experience Recommended: 20+ Logged Dives


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