A unique liveaboard adventure to dive the best dive sites of Indonesia! Our “Biodiversity – Best of Indonesia” cruise brings guests on a cruise through the diversity of this country in this extravagant trip from the North, to the South East of Indonesia. With more than 1,800 fish species and 80% of all the coral species known, the cruise will cross the most renowned diving destinations from Raja Ampat to Flores. This trip presents guests with an opportunity to encounter a vast variation of small Critters, Pelagics and impressive quantities and diversity of Reef Fishes. During the cruise, the guests will get to appreciate the constantly changing landscape accompanied by beautiful sunrises and sunsets in the middle of the remote Banda Sea.

Cruise Highlights

World-Class Diving: A once in a lifetime trip crossing the Indonesian archipelago; from the beauty of Raja Ampat to Alor, crossing through the Banda Sea and the Forgotten Islands.

Whales and Dolphins: The crossing of the Banda Sea may offer great opportunities to spot some whales while cruising on the yacht.

Cruising in Remote Destinations: This route will find the yacht cruising through remote and peaceful waters, through the Ring of Fire, where no islands or villages are present in its surroundings.

Volcanoes: Some of Indonesia’s volcanoes can be witnessed from the boat. Divers may be able to dive some of these volcanoes during the cruise.

Hammerheads Banda Raja Ampat diving liveaboard indonesia

Cruise Route and Diving Areas

Weather, sea conditions and length of trip may affect the itinerary and dive sites selection. 


Central Raja Ampat

Dive sites in Central Raja Ampat hold the world record of the most species of fish counted during a single dive. Divers can often encounter Oceanic Manta Rays during the season. Aside from the Manta Rays, it is definitely the diversity and the quantity of fish that will surprise all divers. From the Pygmy Seahorses to the Grey Reef Sharks patrolling around submerge pinnacles, the area has a variety of diving experiences to offer.



Fiabacet is a diving paradise offering an incredible experience for any diver. This protected area is a “no-fishing” zone. An incredible range of explosive colors of Soft Corals will keep divers’ eyes fixated to its beauty. Guests will experience a Manta Ray dance at Magic Mountain or will dive through Schooling Fish. Macro lovers can spot some Pygmy Seahorses in Sea Fans, while other divers will look at the stunning healthy Corals. A night dive to discover the Endemic Raja Walking Shark will certainly wrap up the day. During the Mobula Ray season, divers may be able to witness the impressive hunting of Mobula Rays chasing Anchovies.



Located at the edge of the Banda Sea and the Arafura Sea, Koon Island is an exceptional diving destination. Goliath Groupers, Jackfish, Barracudas, Spade Fish, Mackerels and Tunas are just a few of the species in this dive site. This cruise route offers divers an opportunity to dive this remote island, considered as a location with the richest marine life in Indonesia. One of the best dive sites of Indonesia.



This island is a unique destination. A Bird Sanctuary housing several species of Seabirds. Divers can also expect to see Sea Snakes all around the dive sites. An incredible place to encounter Schooling Fish along the majestic wall with healthy Soft and Hard Corals.



The local community protects this tiny island. The local people decided to establish a sanctuary where nobody is allowed to fish, in order to protect the marine life surrounding the area. Situated in the middle of the Banda Sea, this island is another great opportunity to encounter Pelagic Fish against a backdrop of a very beautiful Coral Garden.



This giant reef breaks the surface at no more than a few centimeters and goes to the abyss of the Banda Sea. Several days are not enough to explore its huge and impressive Reef Walls.


Forgotten Islands

Romang, Wetar or Damar will be one of our stops during the cruise. These islands have only a few villages on them. This trip is a good opportunity to dive these islands that are situated on the far East in Indonesia and only reachable by boat.



This preserved and untouched area is home to an impressive quantity of fish species and some of the most beautiful Coral Gardens of Indonesia. Wall, drift, and muck diving are among the types of dives to experience. Rhinopias, Frogfish and the most incredible Critters are often spotted in Alor. Schooling Fish and Pelagic lovers may also encounter some bigger fish in the area. Some divers consider Alor as their favorite place to dive in Indonesia. This place is definitely home of the best dive sites of Indonesia.



Situated in a rich area of biodiversity, the place has a good collection of Corals and Fishes to enjoy during a drift dive along the islands. Pulau Babi would be a great way to end this crossing trip through the East of the Indonesian Archipelago.

Other Information

Embarkation from Sorong (SOQ): Direct flights from Jakarta (CGK) or Manado (MDC). Transit from Bali (DPS).

Disembarkation from Maumere (MOF): Direct flights from Bali (DPS) or from Jakarta (CGK).

Tunas, Rainbow Runners, Manta Rays, Sharks, Mobula Rays

Schooling Reef Fish, Barracudas, Jacks, Napoleon Wrasses, Bumphead Parrotfish

Diversity of Coral Species of Indonesia

Pygmy Seahorses, Rhinopias, Frogfish, Incredible Range of Small Critters

Turtles, Octopus, Cuttlefish

Banda Sea is an open sea that is mostly recommended to visit during the Changing Monsoon Season.

April – May and September – November: During this changing season, the wind speeds are lower, which makes for much favorable sea conditions.

Water Temperature: 24 to 30 degrees Celsius – colder temperatures can be encountered in Alor for 1 to 2 days during the cruise. A 5-mm wetsuit is recommended for dives on these days.

Air Temperature: 25 to 32 degrees Celsius

Currents: Gentle to Strong

Visibility: 15 to 35 meters

Experience Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Experience Recommended: 30+ Logged Dives


More Destinations to Explore

Raja Ampat

November – April


May – August

Banda Sea

September – November