Frequently Asked Questions


Is diving all year round in Palau?

Palau is located in the tropics, which means there will be rainfall once in a while. While we feel there is no real diving season in Palau and diving is excellent all year round, it is important to note that visibility decreases, accompanied by slightly rough seas between July and October due to increased rainfall and wind.

How much diving experience do I need to do a liveaboard cruise in Palau?

We recommend having at least an Advanced Diver certification, with 50 dives logged. This is to ensure you get the best experience out of your cruise in Palau.

Are there VISA requirements to travel to the Republic of Palau?

Nationals of any country, except Myanmar and Bangladesh, can obtain a tourist visa on arrival in Palau. The visa is valid for a maximum stay of thirty (30) days, but may be extended for a fee. You must also ensure that your passport is valid for at least six (6) months from the date of scheduled arrival into Palau.

However, it will still be good to check specific visa requirements for your country before travelling to Palau.

What are the flights available to get to Palau?

Five airlines fly to Palau; United Airlines, Delta Air, China Airlines, Korean Air and Asiana Airlines via Manila, Guam, Japan, Taipei and Korea.

You may refer to our Travel Advice page for more information.

What time is the embarkation and disembarkation time for the cruises?

Embarkation to the vessel will commence from 1400h on the first day of your cruise, and will continue throughout the day.

Disembarkation time will be strictly between 0800h to 0900h on the last day.

Do I need to bring my own gear?

While we do have full rental sets onboard, it is advisable to bring your own gear, or to rent gear from the country of your travel origin in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. The team at Pearl Fleet are working towards the best practices during this pandemic.

What else should I pack for the cruise?

Aside from your scuba dive gear, we recommend packing light clothes to get you through the cruise onboard M/V Black Pearl. You may also pack a jacket in case it gets breezy when night falls. You should also ensure that you have basic and necessary medication with you.

You may pack some snacks if you wish to.

Is there phone signal onboard during the trip?

There may be limited or no access to mobile networks once the boat sails out of Malakal. However, M/V Black Pearl offers satellite internet services for you to purchase and use during the cruise. M/V Black Pearl also has a satellite phone that can be used with credits bought, in case of emergency.

What are the safety equipment available onboard?

M/V Black Pearl is equipped with safety and communication systems including life jackets, life rafts, fire extinguishers, GMDSS, Automatic Identification System EPIRB, VHF Radios, VSAT and SART.

Navigation systems include local navigation maps, GPS Chart Plotter, Radar, Weather Plotter, Depth Sounder and Auto Pilot System.

What currency should I be bringing?

Palau trades in United States Dollars only. Only Cash payment terms are accepted onboard M/V Black Pearl.

Do you provide NITROX diving?

Yes, we do have NITROX tanks onboard. Please refer to our Price List for more details.

Do I need travel insurance?

It is highly advisable to purchase travel insurance for your cruise as Pearl Fleet will not be liable for any risks, costs and expenses, including, but not limited to, changes or cancellation to your travel plans, loss or damage to your luggage and contents.

However, we may be able to assist you with any documents that you may need in order to make claims against your insurance, should the need arise.

Please refer to our Booking Terms and Conditions document for more information.

Do I need dive insurance?

Dive insurance is mandatory for all guests who have booked cruises, and are undertaking skin and scuba activities, with Pearl Fleet. The insurance should provide coverage for scuba-related injuries and international evacuations.

Pearl Fleet will not take any responsibility for any expenses that may be incurred through a lack or inadequate coverage undertaken by you.

Short-term dive cover is also available for purchase onboard M/V Black Pearl.

Please refer to our Booking Terms and Conditions document for more information.

I have special dietary requirements; would this be a problem?

Pearl Fleet is committed to doing our best to ensure that our guests’ cruise experience are a hasslefree and seamless one. Should you have special dietary requirements, please ensure that this is communicated during booking confirmation, as well as soon as you board the vessel. Our Cruise
Director and experienced chef will be happy to discuss them with you.

What if I am prone to seasickness?

We strongly urge you to bring motion or seasickness pills.

Will I have to share a cabin with someone if I am travelling alone?

Yes, you will have to share a room with another single-traveler on the trip. The Cruise Director will pair single-travellers of the same gender up in the same room.

However, if you are not comfortable, single supplement cabins can be requested, at a charge of 80% of the cruise fare.

How much should I pay for crew gratuities?

The team at Pearl Fleet work hard to ensure your maximum comfort and enjoyment during the cruise. It is a common practice to offer a small gratuity at the end of your trip. As a guide, it is customary to offer gratuities of about USD 200 or 10% of the cost of your cruise, for a week-long cruise.